"Worthy heirs to the cooperative movement, which began at the start of the 20th century in the Mâconnais district in the south of Burgundy, generations of wine growers have always set their hearts on revealing this sublime region, which produces our superior wines. The Cave des Vignerons des Terres Secrètes is the only wine cellar in the Grand Site Solutré-Pouilly-Vergisson area. Here, everything revolves around the close relationship between human beings and nature. These historic lands have seen it all and yet still have some secrets left to reveal. See for yourselves!"

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Situated at the southern edge of the Burgundy region, the delightful “terroirs” of the “Terres Secrètes” (“Secret Lands”) are spread over the rolling, sunny landscape of the Mâconnais region. These “terroirs” are located, selected and defined in the form of specific parcels of land – some of which are tiny – where all the typical features of the particular plot are concentrated. The Terres Secrètes wine growers have marked out these distinct enclosures, perfectly identified plots like little gardens of Eden, selected for their remarkable exposure and the age of their vines.

Specialists in wines from the heights of the Mâconnais region, the wine growers of the Terres Secrètes are men and women who love their land, their job and their products…. and they have decided to reveal their treasures to the rest of the world by sharing the well-kept secret of these exceptional wines.

“Terres Secrètes” (“Secret Lands”) is a range of outstanding “appellations” from a variety of climates, parcels of land which can be tiny and are nestled amongst the most beautiful villages of the Mâconnais region. Each vintage has been designed by our cellar master, who has selected the grapes and made sure that only the very best are used. These are wines with an unrivalled palette of aromas – fully rounded, warming, complex and as brilliant and bright as the landscape surrounding the vineyards. Full-bodied, elegant and accessible wines, just like us, the wine growers of the Terres Secrètes.

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The wine growers of the Terres Secrètes are committed to sustainable development. The only cooperative wine cellar in the Grand Site Solutré-Pouilly-Vergisson, over the generations we have got to know our region and ensure its preservation.